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I thought of life
as though it were a space
with walls and floor
and ceiling,
sought to make it solid, fixed,
construct it well,
so I should have security of place.

Then I heard the small stars'
laughter pealing far away.
Fall!" they cried,
and fly,
for you cannot break your bones,
nor die.

There is no ground
upon which you can land.
It's all pure ether,
solid as the sand
that fills Egyptian deserts,
solid as the water in the sea.
Let go and fall
and then you will be free.

© Alisha Sufit



The Small Blue Ship

I am the small blue ship
tethered to the quay.
My bow is chafing on the stone.
A slipshod sailor's knot untied and set me free.
Now I'm ploughing through the waves all on my own.

The moon has risen and the gulls are fast asleep.
I'm flying on the foam beneath the milky way.
Neptune laughs and mermaids dance within the deep.
Whales befriend me. Now the light of day
seeps through the space above horizon's reach
and melts the night to rose and gold.

I'll rest upon the sandy, coral beach
and wait. The day will soon unfold.
Then I'll drift almost silent with the swell,
and sail the curved edge of time,
where no mortal man may dwell.

© Alisha Sufit

Drawing : The Little Hermit   click to enlarge


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