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Love’s Heart

Black panther’s fur!
A fish glints in the mud.
The cactus now is longing
for one orange bud.
The velvet paw
scoops up the amber scales.
And love yet breathes,
though aspiration fails.

Green crocodile!
A bird squawks through the day.
The blue sea metamorphoses
to palest grey.
The jagged teeth
close on the feathered neck.
And my love lingers
on the burning deck.

Red porcupine!
A beast shrieks in the night.
A mauve cloud dreams
of turning purest white.
Small silvered wings
are folded on the unmade bed.
And my love’s heart
is wandering with the dead.

© Alisha Sufit



Rooted Tree

I can no more change the course of time
than can a tree move from its yard of earth,
though my leaves are racing in the dulcet wind,
though speedwell blooms all about my girth.

You sat beneath the shade,
you tasted fruit upon the bough.
Then you were off and made your way
to another land. Where are you now?

I shall not weep - my tears have all run dry.
My heart is like an empty husk,
though I still keep a flower of hope
that someday you will come again.

The flaming sky at dusk
has turned to indigo too soon,
and I am rooted here
beneath the shining circle
of the rising moon.

© Alisha Sufit



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